Women and Guns – Women Can Defend Themselves

News Stories About Women and Guns

The truth is that most women, with competent instruction and practice, can handle firearms with as much or more skill than the average man.  It’s no surprise that women, pound for pound are not as strong as men.  However a firearm equalizes the natural disadvantage that most women face against larger and stronger men.  The liberal anti-gun media frequently quotes so-called experts stating that women should not rely on firearms for self defense, that they are at greater risk of having the firearm taken away from them and used against them than of successfully defending themselves against an attack.

Although the national media, when dealing with women and guns rarely show favorable news footage documenting women who successfully defend themselves, at the local news level it’s different.  Locally, there is a constant stream of stories each day proving ordinary women routinely succeed in defending themselves against predatory criminals with guns.  In fact, there are so many media accounts documenting this, it is truly amazing that people continue to swallow the myths about women and guns put forward by anti-gun activists.

The dirty secret is that the national media sources collude with liberal anti-gun activists to impugn and malign the benefits of gun ownership.  Who should you believe when you are trying to make up your own mind?   At GunOwner.tv we gathered together and organized these news accounts because we believe they are more compelling evidence than the warped statistics and emotional manipulation typically proffered by the liberal anti-gun lobby.  After you review these accounts you can decide if you’re going to believe your “own lying eyes” or listen to the good liberals who promise to protect you from all harm if you put your trust in them.  Just remember, without exception, the cities with the worst crime rates and rampant lawlessness are run almost exclusively by liberal politicians.  Liberalism leads to the the loss of self-sufficiency, and reliance on the state.  The liberal state cannot make you safe because liberalism diminishes self-control and self-discipline and creates more crime and dependency.