Video: Home Invader killed, 911 Call by Woman Caught Naked in Shower Who Defends Herself With 22 Pistol

Home Invader Killed by High School Counselor from Georgia

Home Invader Killed by Woman with Hidden Handgun

8-time felon home invader killed in the act of raping his victim. This 911 phone call recording and news video dispels the popular myth on Gun Control that even if you have a gun, when you’re caught by surprise by and armed intruder you won’t have the presence of mind to defend yourself.  In this case, the home invader is killed by a woman PHD high school counselor from Georgia. She shoots the home invader, armed with a knife.  He stalked her for several days before slipping in through an unlocked door, catching her at a particularly vulnerable moment, while she was naked in the shower. She immediately attempted to resist the attacker and fought back until he overpowered her and forced her into the bedroom.  Once in the bedroom the woman had the presence of mind to tell the attacker that she had money hidden.  When her attacker allowed her to retrieve the money from her bedside stash, she pulled out her 22 pistol and shot the would be rapist, immigrant Cuban national citizen Israel Perez Puentes, nine times, which ironically, was once for each prior conviction, plus one for his current crime.  The home invader killed by this woman proves that an ordinary citizen, even when caught by surprise naked in the shower, can think on her feet well enough to successfully overcome a very dangerous situation by using her home defense handgun against an armed intruder.  Would she have been alive after this attack had she not had the hidden handgun? We don’t know for sure, but many home invasions have ended with the death of the homeowners.

It’s smart to own a gun, so you can protect yourself in your own home! If this woman was unarmed, at best, her experience may have been like the woman in the news account below.  At worst, she could have assaulted and then killed.  It’s much better to make the criminal the victim of his own crime as this woman did, than to be an unarmed victim like the woman below!

Armed Citizens Have More Choices that Unarmed People

A Deltona Florida woman is raped repeatedly over several hours by a home invader. There is no happy ending here, and a violent sex predator is on the loose to do it again to someone else. Which story would you rather put yourself in? An armed citizen has choices that unarmed victims don’t have. The choice to be a victim or an armed citizen is made before the incident happens. Think about that! (Click on video below to begin play.)