Car Jackers Brutally Beat Woman


The son of a woman car-jacked and brutally bashed as she slept in her vehicle on the Gold Coast has made a public plea for help in catching her attackers. Linda Cheng, a 55-year-old single mum who works two jobs to support her children, had dozed off in the car park at Crestwood Plaza shopping centre when she was attacked by a group of men about 2.30am Wednesday. Her assailants bashed her


unconscious and drove off in her gold Nissan Tida before a passerby raised the alarm. Ms Cheng, whose face has been battered black and blue, and her 21-year-old son Johnny made a public appeal Thursday morning, calling for anyone with any information to help catch the men, described by police as “cowardly thugs”. “I can not understand why someone would want to do this to anyone, especially my mom,” said Johnny, a 21-year-old uni student.

“They’re cowards and it’s a low act.

“Hopefully police can do a good job in catching them.” Police are examining CCTV footage from the car park. Gold Coast Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson described the attack as “horrible”. “You could only describe them as thugs.”  From the Courier Mail Online Article.

Editor’s Note: This event took place in Australia, where government completely disarmed their people. This woman didn’t have a choice about whether to arm herself. We live in America and as long as we have a 2nd Amendment and live in a state that respects our civil rights, we can choose to be armed. Click this link to see how this story would have turned out with an armed citizen.