Armed Barista Pulls Christmas Present Gun from Her Husband and Foils Robbery

The Gift of Protection – This Armed Women Defended Herself with a Handgun

Making coffee shouldn’t make you a target for armed robbery. This robber was polite but persistent. Many of those who brandish guns in crime will kill without provocation. Why should any woman have to trust herself to the uncertain mercies of someone pointing a gun towards her to steal what they have not earned? This woman was not a victim because she was armed with a handgun.  Her husband picked a great Christmas present when he bought her the 9mm handgun she used to turn the tables on her robber. She tried to use charm and persuasion to get the armed robber to abandon the robbery.  When that failed, cold steel did the job, leading later to his arrest and conviction.Women and handguns go together because a woman is considered a soft target. Predators try to make it easy for themselves.  Do what you can to make it harder by being an armed citizen.

How Many Armed Woman are There?

Here’s some interesting facts on gun ownership courtesy of the website,

“Since President Obama’s election the number of concealed handgun permits has soared, growing from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million this year. Among the findings in our report:

  • The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever- increasing rate. Over the past year, 1.7 million additional new permits have been issued – a 15.4% increase in just one single year. This is the largest ever single-year increase in the number of concealed handgun permits.
  • 5.2% of the total adult population has a permit.
  • Five states now have more than 10% of their adult population with concealed handgun permits.
  • In ten states, a permit is no longer required to carry in all or virtually all of the state. This is a major reason why legal carrying handguns is growing so much faster than the number of permits.
  • Since 2007, permits for women has increased by 270% and for men by 156%.  Over that period, there was a 178% increase in total permits.
  • Some evidence suggests that permit holding by minorities is increasing more than twice as fast as for whites.”