The Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Victims – Video Compilation

When Thugs Move Without Fear of their Unarmed Victims and the Police Do Nothing to help

Video Compilation by ArmVictimsUK.  This video shows what happens when citizens are disarmed and can only rely on police to protect their persons and property. Welcome to the United Kingdom where thugs roam freely and have no fear of their unarmed victims.  The police, they’re too busy to look after minor crimes such as robbery.  They will investigate a murder, however.  Can you imagine having called police over 70 times to respond to thugs and robberies with only 1 conviction and 8 arrests resulting for all those calls?  In the UK all law abiding citizens are required to be unarmed victims thanks to the gun ownership ban instituted in 1997 in an emotionally charged response to a school shooting where 26 lives were lost.  The result has been an increase in crime and thuggery all through the nation as petty street criminals now know their unarmed victims will not have guns to defend themselves.

Contrast this with part II of this video, which shows what happens in America where citizens can legally defend themselves with firearms.  Would you rather be a helpless unarmed victim or an armed citizen? If gun ownership is prohibited you won’t become safer, you’ll just be more helpless.  Meanwhile the criminals who don’t care about gun control laws will be sleeping easier knowing they will not be threatened by armed citizens.  They prefer unarmed victims. IF YOUR LEGISLATOR IS WORKING TO MAKE YOU AN EASY CRIME VICTIM YOU NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT AT THE NEXT ELECTION!