Pizza Shop Owner Shoots Robber

Pizza shop owner fights back, robber killed

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  • April 2, 2009
  • By: Daniel White from

Your Pizza Shop of Akron was the scene of a self-defense shooting late Tuesday night.

According to police, 20 year old Akron resident Patrick Finney came into the pizza shop wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun intending to commit armed robbery.

John Hayes, owner of the shop, obliged by giving him a stack of $10 bills. Finney wasn’t satisfied and pointed his shotgun right at Hayes’ head, demanding more money. The ensuing battle was chronicled on

”As soon as I gave him the money, I pulled my gun out from my hip, pointed it and fired four shots,” Hayes said. Finney fell to the floor, then stood back up. Hayes fired three more shots from his Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol. Finney staggered outside and collapsed across the street. The cash he sought was dropped outside.

Hayes then called 911.

This was the fourth robbery of this establishment in the last two years. At this time, police are not planning to press charges against Hayes, who does have a concealed handgun license. I suspect there would be community outrage if they did. Hayes did everything he could to appease this violent criminal, but he cannot be expected to forfeit his life as well.