Man Shoots Armed Robbers When 3 Intruders Burst into Sacramento Home

Two Different Sacramento Home Invasions Show Why Homeowners Should be Armed: Robber Shoots Man or Man Shoots Armed Robbers. Pick the Best Outcome

Sacramento, one of America’s sanctuary cities continues to experience growing crime. Home invasions are more common and many are the result of gang members. Though California gun laws are some of the strictest in the state many Californians, desperate to protect their homes and families have become gun owners. This video contrasts the difference in two home invasions in Sacramento with very different outcomes. In one there is an unarmed homeowner who ends up dead, the news clip shows his grieving family and relatives. In the other there is an armed homeowner who protects his family with a gun. In his case, there is a dead home invader and three others are charged with armed robbery.  Which scenario would you prefer to be in?  News footage courtesy of KCRA news,  Sacramento, California

Once the man shoots armed robbers, the aggressors become victims of their crime. This homeowner’s story has a happier ending than the unarmed homeowner. He drives out the invaders and seriously wounds one of them, who dies on the scene after police arrive. Even armed thugs won’t stick around when a homeowner is armed, they will happily move on to somewhere else. They prefer unarmed victims because they are very concerned about their own safety, even while they rob, rape or murder their victims. How about you? Are you concerned over your safety?