Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Explains Why Citizens Who Rely on 911 for Home Security Endanger Themselves


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke speaks frankly to explain why police cannot respond to emergencies in minutes.

The short answer is that there aren’t enough police.  Our porous borders are allowing large numbers of criminals to enter the country which is making it worse for local police forces.  Sheriff Clarke discusses Vice President Biden’s recommendation to women to fire two shotgun blasts out the door (don’t do it) and tells homeowners how to really defend themselves in the event of a home invasion.

About Sheriff Clarke,  From the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Online

“Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has released a new public service announcement, suggesting residents can arm themselves to protect themselves against crime. The spot started airing Friday as Milwaukee County’s highest-profile law enforcement officers – Clarke and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn – are part of the national debate over proposed gun control measures. Clarke’s 30-second audio spot seems to take aim at the jurisdiction of the Milwaukee Police Department and the court system. “Violent crime went up nearly 10% in Milwaukee. Are you the next victim?” Clarke says. “You don’t have to be, but that’s your call. “The sheriff says a “soft on crime court system” puts armed criminals back on area streets, but that residents can get a gun to protect themselves. “Now it’s the crook who has to wonder what you might do,” Clarke says. “It could be a great equalizer, but you always have to think survival.”Milwaukee city and county leaders, the Greenfield Police Department and the president of the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs’ Association criticized a January radio spot in which Clarke suggested that calling 911 and waiting are not the best options when it comes to personal safety and that residents should consider taking firearms classes. The ad led to national news exposure for Clarke, including an appearance debating the ad on CNN with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. The ads are funded by taxpayer money.”