Is He The Most Arrogant President in Recent History? – Does Barack Obama Feel He is Entitled to Rule – What Do You Think?

What Do You See When You Look at Our President?

Our President has reveled in the trappings of the office. Costly vacations, a casual work schedule that includes more time on the golf course than any President in recent history, and more interest in campaigning than actually performing the duties of President of the United States. This short clip shows highlights from the events that have contributed to his exceptional pride. Look at the decisions he’s made very closely and you see that they are all characterized by one common factor: They are made with a view towards protecting him from criticism while gaining favor with his radical  electoral base.  Is this the man you would choose to govern this country for another term when he will be unrestrained from the necessity to hide his radical leanings to be reelected?  There is plenty of evidence that the second term of this President’s administration will be characterized by a complete disregard for our great constitution, based on the many questionable actions he has taken in his first term.

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