News Analysis of the Ongoing Obama Administration Cover-Up Regarding the Killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens


In a special report, Bret Baier shows the full timeline of what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi terrorist attack. The report suggests not only a White House cover-up, but also a serious miscalculation when it comes to denied requests for additional security prior to the 9/11/2012 attack at the Benghazi compound.
The Poster of this Video, Daniel Frawley Writes his opinion: “Obama, in order to help win his election, needs to say not only that bin laden is dead and that it was all because of him but also that al-Qaeda is on a path to be defeated. This terrorist attack doesn’t help the case he is trying to make when attempting to champion his foreign policy. While the events in the video have been unfolding, he has been attempting to down play the war on terrorism itself, suggesting not only that he is winning it but also trying to show contrast between himself and Bush when it comes to foreign policy. Obama  doesn’t want to admit that during his presidency (under his watch) there has been a successful terrorist attack against this country. He doesn’t want to admit that not only did his administration (the state department) deny the request for additional security, but they reduced security before the attacks as well. they knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours yet told the public something much different, that it was all because of a YouTube video that was published months before and somehow became a big deal coincidentally on 9/11. in addition, the FBI took weeks to investigate, letting the crime scene become completely disrupted. they said it was because it was too dangerous for the FBI agents yet unarmed CNN reporters were in there 3 days after the attack occurred, recovering Stevens’ diary that stated he thought he was on a terrorist hit list. All this happening after multiple terrorist attacks in Libya against other countries embassies (such as the UK).
If the president wasn’t so busy campaigning all over the country and going on talk shows, or if he wasn’t in denial that there is still a war on terrorism, perhaps he would have done what should have been obvious to do which was beef up security before 9/11 rather than after. I guess this is what happens in an election year, as that appears to be more important than the four innocent lives lost including our ambassador Christopher Stevens (RIP).”

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