Video: Hitler and Gun Control Proponents – What’s the Connection?

Satire about Hitler and Gun Control: Hitler told that the Gun Control Bill Failed to pass the Senate

This video about Hitler and gun control is a satirical look at the reaction of the big government supporters on recent failures to pass more unnecessary gun control over honest law abiding citizens.  Keep in mind that it actually was Hitler and Stalin who pioneered the art of disarming citizens prior to instituting totalitarian government control over their citizens. What is not humorous is that these two are collectively responsible for the deaths of at least 20 million people.

What was the goal of the gun control measures instituted by Hitler and Stalin?  It was to ensure that the citizens were defenseless and entirely dependent on the government to protect them.  What happened to people when the government turned against them? An armed populace inhibits governments from being oppressive because the leaders know they must govern by the consent of the governed.  Gun control removes all inhibition from because the state has a complete monopoly on force.